High Tech in Brandenburg, Germany: 
Fenopreg prepreg production facility has started operation

Europes most modern facility for the production of prepregs that will be used to manufacture lightweight plastic components was opened on the 9th of December in Beelitz Brandenburg. 
A total of 6.5 million Euro was invested. Even at this early stage, 20 new jobs have been created.

Our company has just opened one of Europe’s most modern facilities for the production of prepregs and other injection molded parts. Investment totalling almost 6.5 millions, of which alone 4.5 millions have been invested in the new prepreg production facility. 20 new jobs have been created within this field. With the new production facility, we are able to adapt quickly to customer wishes. What makes our products special is that we have the ability to tailor our prepregs in terms of cutting and adaptation of resin system providing an optimized solution for each customer.

Individual woven/non-woven fabrics

We produce prepregs from a wide range of different woven and non-woven fabrics. Fenopreg distinguishes itself for the economic manufacture of prepregs even in small quantities. Following woven/non-woven fabrics are in our product range.

Other types of fibre may also be impregnated e.g. Polyester, Aramide or cotton depending on the specific requirements up to a maximum aerial weight of 1200 g/sqm and a width of 1.40 m.

Individual resin systems

The resin systems can be adpated to meet the requirements of our customers. Our production concept enables the economical use of resin systems even for the production of small charges. Fenopreg manufactures prepregs from lengths of 100 sqm upwards with specialised (according to customer wishes) resin systems. Resin systems are based on marine, engineering, electric, transport and automobile applications.

The start button signalising operation was pushed on Wednesday the 9th of December at 10:30 am by Mr. Ralf Christoffers, Brandenburgs Minister of Economic and European Affairs.

Fenopreg – Division of fenotec Gesellschaft für Industrieerzeugnisse mbH

Burkhard Staabs and Jörn von Bornstädt